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HIST4311C History of Housing

2013-2014 Term 2

Lecture Thursday 4:30-6:15 LSK 302

Tutorial TBA

Lecturer Kiyoko YAMAGUCHI 山口潔子

TA: Mr. LEI Shiwei 雷仕偉

Medium of instruction is in English.

Course Content

This course introduces the history of housing, with focus on public

housing in twentieth century. As half of the Hong Kong resident live

in some forms of public housing, the course would connect their local

interest with global historical background.  After learning the

background, transformation, and social effects of the foreign

examples, the students will conduct comparative studies on housing

issues in Hong Kong.


Learning outcomes

Students will gain the basic knowledge of the history of public

housing (also called as social housing or council housing) in Europe,

US and East Asia in twentieth century, as well as its social and

economic impacts.  Through the four tutorials, students will develop

their summarizing and presentation skills, while other writing

assignments will encourage them to enhance their academic writing