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New Book by Professor Professor HO Pui Yin

Becoming Hong Kong
Development History of Construction Industry 1840-2010

(The Commercial Press)

Author: Professor HO Pui Yin
How did the people of the construction industry succeed in making Hong Kong an international metropolis? Using detailed historical material, the author observes the struggles that the construction industry’s elite in different eras went through and the modernization process of the industry over the past 170 years. This book endeavours to identify the key to the structural transformation of modern Hong Kong society and its economic success. Analyses are made of the influence Western economic systems had on the development of Hong Kong, Chinese society and event the Chinese community worldwide after the 19th century.

Thought this book, readers can see how the pioneers of the construction industry led the gradual transformation of Hong Kong from a “barren and rocky” island, a society that relied on cohesion formed by clansmen and fellow villagers to increase personal power, into a modern city that is governed by commercial principles, with emphasis on capital flows and talented people, allowing for the fair and free exchange of professional expertise. The “Hong Kong model” is now widely studied by neighbouring regions.

While Hong Kong’s achievements are recognised internationally, the author urges the people of Hong Kong not to forget the hard work and dedication made by members of the construction industry. The course of success of each generation had different experiences, which are worthy of reference and attention by the people of today.