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New Book by Professor YIP Hon Ming

Indexes of the Dianshizhai Pictorial

(The Commercial Press (H.K.) Ltd.)

Author: Professor YIP Hon Ming
The Dianshizhai Pictorial, a popular illustrated news magazine running from 1884 to 1898, was the first ever of its kind in modern China, and had great social influence far and wide all over the country. Today, totally 4,666 hand-painted lithographic pictures of the magazine and their explanatory paragraphs survive, covering wide-ranging heated topics of the time in current events, new knowledge, folk custom and strange stories, popular religions, social conditions, urban culture, economy, politics, military affairs, and China's foreign relations. Indexes of the Dianshizhai Pictorial (Hong Kong: Commercial Press, 2007) provides a powerful searching system for these valuable pictorial and literary sources. With the general index and indexes of titles, painters, and categories, users can quickly and easily find what they need, and through these research tools scholars can make full use of the text of the Pictorial to conduct detailed studies of Chinese society on the verge of transformation. The volume is also a must reference to be stored at all libraries and research institutes.