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New Book by Professor LEUNG Yuen Sang

The Legitimation of New Orders
Case Studies in World History

(The Chinese University Press)

Author: Professor LEUNG Yuen Sang
The book, edited by Professor Yuen-sang Leung, is a collection of seven case studies which treat different aspects of political and ritual legitimation in China and Europe over the past two millennia. With a primary focus on the analysis of crisis and change, the book's main concern is how rulers and states work to produce a popular political consensus accepting their rule, an important issue in world history. Professor Cho-yun Hsu contributed introduction, and Professors Hok-lam Chan, Hok-ming Cheung, Ming-chiu Lai, Yuen-sang Leung, Kee-long So, Cathy Potter and the late Shui-lung Tsang presented their case studies in individual chapter.